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Theory of Automata (CS402)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Objective Questions

  1. A regular language can be:

    1. irregular
    2. infinite
    3. non-deterministic
    4. None of the given options
  2. All possible combinations of strings of a language including null string is referred as:

    1. Concatenation of a language with itself
    2. Kleene star closure of a language
    3. Multiplication of a language with itself
    4. Addition of a language with itself
  3. We cannot construct an NFA for the language of ______ defined over alphabet set {a,b}.

    1. Even even
    2. Odd
    3. Palindromes
    4. Integers
  4. The minimum length of the strings(except null string) of a language that starts and ends in different letters will be

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  5. For every three regular expressions R, S, and T, the languages denoted by R(S U T) and (RS) U (RT) are the ________.

    1. Same
    2. Different
    3. R(S U T) is Greater
    4. None of the given options
  6. There ______ a language for which only FA can be built but not the RE.

    1. is
    2. cannot be
    3. may be
    4. may not be
  7. The language {a ab aba bab} is ________.

    1. Irregular
    2. Regular
    3. Recursive
    4. None of the given options
  8. If R is a regular language and L is some language, and L U R is a _______, then L must be a ________.

    1. Regular language
    2. Finite Automaton
    3. NFA
    4. Irregular language
  9. In _______ there must be transition for all the letters of a string.

    1. NFA
    2. GTG
    3. TG
    4. FA
  10. If we have a finite language and the number of states in the FA is n then the maximum number of letters in the each word of the language that will be accepted by the given FA will be:

    1. 1
    2. n-1
    3. n+1
    4. n
  11. A string will be accepted by an NFA if there exist _______one successful path.

    1. atmost
    2. atleast
    3. maximum
    4. none of the given options
  12. Let FA3 be an FA corresponding to FA1FA2, then the initial state of FA3 must correspond to the initial state of

    1. FA1 only
    2. FA2 only
    3. FA1 or FA2
    4. FA1 and FA2
  13. Decomposing a string into its valid units is referred as:

    1. Decomposing
    2. Splitting
    3. Tokenizing
    4. Dividing
  14. FA and _______ are same except that _______ has unique symbol for each transition.

    1. FA,TG
    2. NFA,TG
    3. NFA,FA
    4. GTG,NFA