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Cell Biology (BIO201)

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Course Contents

Cell Biology Introduction, Composition of Matter, Molecules of Life, Proteins: Polymers of Amino Acids, Proteins: Structure, Protein Interactions, Carbohydrates: Sugar Polymers Carbohydrates: Glycosidic linkages, Lipids: Nonpolar Hydrocarbons, Lipids: Saturated & Unsaturated, Nucleic Acids: DNA & RNA, RNA & DNA, Cell Biology: Unit of Life, Journey Into the Cell Size Matters, The Nucleus, Ribosomes, The Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi & Lysosomes, Mitochondria,Cytoskeleton-1, Cytoskeleton-2, Motor Proteins, The Miracle Workers, Energy,Free Energy, Exergonic & Endergonic Reactions, ATP Hydrolysis, Enzymes, Enzymes Mechanisms, Enzyme Helpers, Enzyme Regulation, Membranes, Membrane Components, Recognition & Adhesion, Transport Across Membrane, Vesicle Formation, Cell Division Introduction, Cell Cycle, Chromosomes, Mitosis 1,Mitosis 2,Meiosis 1, Meiosis 2, Meiosis 3, Comparison, Genetics Introduction, The Question, The Lessons Learned, The First Law, The Second Law, Aberrant Phenomenon, Linkage & Recombination, Genetics Map, Clinical Genetics I, Clinical Genetics II, X-Linked Disorders, Multifactorial Disorders, Cytogenetic Disorders, Autosomal Cytogenetic Disorders, Cytogenetic Disorders of the Sex Chromosomes, Search for the Hereditary Molecules 1, Search for the Hereditary Molecules 2, Investigating: Heredity Molecule, DNA Function From Structure, Replication Models, DNA Replication The Molecular View, DNA Replication The Process, The Dilemma 1, The Dilemma 2 & 3, PCR Technology Introduction, PCR Animation, PCR Continued, Detecting Amplified DNA, Gel Electrophoresis, Animation, PCR Technology, Applications, DNA Finger Printing, DNA Sequencing, Restriction Endonucleases, Genetic Engineering, RFLP, DNA Transfer, Genetic Information is Converted into Protein, The Dogma, Transcription, Genetic Code, Charging tRNA, Translation Workbench, Translation, Protein Targeting, Mutations, Transcription Regulation, Introduction, Transcription Regulationin E. Coli1, Transcription Regulationin E. Coli2, Transcription Regulation, In Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic Transcription, RNA Processing, Cell Signaling & Prehistoric world, The Instructions & The Design, The Modes & Principles, The Modes & Principles II, The Modes & Principles III, Signaling in E. coli, G Protein-Linked Receptors, Protein Kinases A, G Proteins, G Proteins Vision, Cell Signaling & Us, Cell Signaling & Memory, Enzyme Linked Receptors, Enzyme Linked Receptors 2, Enzyme Linked Receptors 3, RTK Signaling Gone Wrong, PI3-kinase, PKB Apoptosis Inhibition, Jak-STAT Signaling, TGF-β Receptor Family, Proteolysis, Signaling Pathways, Introduction, Immune System, Immune System 2, Immune System 3, AIS, The B-Cells, The B-Cells2, The Antibodies, Immunological Memory, Acquired Immunological Tolerance, Antibody Diversity, Class Switching, T-Cells and TCR, APCs Activate T-Cells, MHC, Cytotoxic T-Cells, Helper T-Cells, TH1& TH2, TH2B-Cell Activation, Checks & Balances, Complement System, Complement System 2, The Alternative Pathway, Neoplastic Transformations, Growth Promoting Oncogenes, Growth Promoting Oncogenes Cyclins& CDK, Growth-Inhibiting Cancer Suppressor Genes, DNA Repairing Genes, Apoptosis Genes, Protein Sorting, Protein Sorting Mechanisms, Nuclear Transport, Nuclear localization Signals (NLS) & Transport, Nuclear Receptors, The RAN Cycle, Control of Import and Export, Protein Transport into Mitochondria, The Translocators, ER Transport Introduction, ER Transport, Translocation, Multi-Pass Membrane Proteins, Vesicle Transport, COP I, COP I the Retrieval Process, Lysosomal Transport, Endocytosis, Tissue Replacement, Organ Repair via Stem Cells, Customized Stem Cells, Adult Stem Cells, Cytokine Induced Stem Cell Proliferation & Differentiation, In-vitro Organ/Tissue Fabrication.

1. Microscopy
2. Staining techniques
3. Differential staining
4. Gram staining
5. Study of Prokaryotic cell
6. Study of eukaryotic cell
7. Study of plastids
8. Study of chromoplast
9. Observation of chromoplast from rose petal
10. Observation of chromoplast from rose petal
11. Study of leucoplast
12. Study of chloroplast
13. Process of cellular reproduction
14. Study of mitosis
15. Study of meiosis
16. Smear/Squash preparation of Onion roots

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ACC311 ACC501 BIF401 BIF402 BIF501 BIF601 BIF602 BIF604 BIF731 BIF732 BIF733 BIO101 BIO102 BIO201 BIO202 BIO203 BIO204 BIO301 BIO302 BIO303 BIO502 BIO731 BIO732 BIO733 BIO734 BIT701 BIT703 BIT710 BIT715 BNK601 BNK603 BNK604 BNK610 BNK611 BNK612 BNK613 BNK701 BNK703 BNK704 BNK725 BT101 BT102 BT301 BT302 BT403 BT404 BT406 BT501 BT503 BT505 BT601 BT603 BT605 BT731 BT732 BT733 BT734 BT735 CHE201 CHE301 CS001 CS101 CS201 CS202 CS205 CS206 CS301 CS302 CS304 CS310 CS311 CS312 CS314 CS315 CS401 CS402 CS403 CS405 CS407 CS408 CS409 CS410 CS411 CS431 CS432 CS435 CS501 CS502 CS504 CS506 CS507 CS508 CS510 CS601 CS602 CS603 CS604 CS605 CS606 CS607 CS608 CS609 CS610 CS611 CS614 CS615 CS620 CS701 CS702 CS703 CS704 CS706 CS707 CS708 CS709 CS710 CS711 CS712 CS713 CS716 CS718 CS721 CS723 CS724 CS725 CS726 ECE101 ECE202 ECE301 ECO302 ECO303 ECO401 ECO402 ECO403 ECO404 ECO406 ECO501 ECO601 ECO602 ECO603 ECO606 ECO615 ECO704 EDU101 EDU201 EDU301 EDU303 EDU304 EDU305 EDU401 EDU402 EDU403 EDU404 EDU405 EDU406 EDU410 EDU411 EDU430 EDU431 EDU501 EDU505 EDU510 EDU512 EDU515 EDU516 EDU601 EDU602 EDU603 EDU604 EDU654 EDU702 EDU705 ENG001 ENG101 ENG201 ENG301 ENG401 ENG503 ENG504 ENG505 ENG506 ENG507 ENG508 ENG509 ENG510 ENG511 ENG512 ENG513 ENG515 ENG516 ENG518 ENG519 ETH201 ETH202 FIN611 FIN621 FIN622 FIN623 FIN624 FIN625 FIN630 FIN704 FIN711 FIN722 FIN723 FIN725 FIN730 GEN731 GEN732 GSC101 GSC201 HRM611 HRM613 HRM617 HRM623 HRM624 HRM625 HRM626 HRM627 HRM628 HRM713 HRM724 HRM727 ISL201 IT430 MCD401 MCD402 MCD403 MCD501 MCD502 MCD504 MCM101 MCM301 MCM304 MCM310 MCM311 MCM401 MCM404 MCM411 MCM431 MCM501 MCM511 MCM514 MCM515 MCM516 MCM517 MCM520 MCM531 MCM532 MCM601 MCM604 MCM610 MGMT510 MGMT611 MGMT614 MGMT615 MGMT617 MGMT622 MGMT623 MGMT625 MGMT627 MGMT628 MGMT629 MGMT630 MGMT631 MGMT715 MGMT723 MGMT725 MGMT727 MGMT728 MGMT729 MGMT730 MGMT731 MGT101 MGT111 MGT201 MGT211 MGT301 MGT401 MGT402 MGT404 MGT411 MGT501 MGT502 MGT503 MGT504 MGT510 MGT513 MGT520 MGT522 MGT601 MGT602 MGT603 MGT604 MGT610 MGT611 MGT612 MGT613 MGT621 MGT703 MGT704 MGT705 MGT711 MGT713 MGT722 MKT501 MKT529 MKT530 MKT610 MKT611 MKT621 MKT624 MKT625 MKT627 MKT630 MKT703 MKT711 MKT721 MKT724 MKT725 MKT730 MKT731 MTH001 MTH100 MTH101 MTH201 MTH202 MTH301 MTH302 MTH303 MTH401 MTH403 MTH501 MTH601 MTH603 MTH631 MTH632 MTH633 MTH634 MTH641 MTH642 MTH701 MTH706 MTH7123 MTH721 PAD603 PAK301 PAK302 PHY101 PHY301 PSC201 PSC401 PSY101 PSY401 PSY402 PSY403 PSY404 PSY405 PSY406 PSY407 PSY408 PSY409 PSY502 PSY504 PSY505 PSY510 PSY511 PSY512 PSY513 PSY514 PSY515 PSY610 PSY631 PSY632 SOC101 SOC301 SOC302 SOC401 SOC402 SOC403 SOC601 SOC603 SOC613 SOC615 SPT730 STA100 STA301 STA304 STA404 STA408 STA621 STA630 STA631 STA632 STA642 STA643 STA644 STA730 STAT406 STAT730 URD101 ZOO301 ZOO401 ZOO502 ZOO503 ZOO504 ZOO505 ZOO510 ZOO731