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Analysis of an Issue

In this task, you are asked to respond to a particular issue, clearly presenting your viewpoint on that issue and supporting your position with reasons and examples.

This task is intended to test your ability to write logically, persuasively and effectively.

In this task, a topic is presented as a one- to two-sentence quotation commenting on an issue of general concern. Your essay may support, refute or qualify the views expressed in the quotation. Whatever you write, however, must be relevant to the issue under discussion, and you must support your viewpoint with reasons and examples derived from your studies and/or experience. What is more, you must carefully analyze the issue, following the specific instructions given. Your task is not to be creative but to be analytic.

Faculty members from various institutions will evaluate your essay, judging it on the basis of your skill in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the question's implications
  • Organization and articulation of your ideas
  • Use of relevant examples and arguments to support your case
  • Handling of the mechanics of standard written English

None of this is rocket science. You already know what you are supposed to do. don't waste your time reading proforma advice, just continue and get to work.

Here is an issue topic modeled on the sample issue tasks, although it does resemble official topics closely in subject matter and form.


Greatness in Art

The great artists in any medium-painters, poets, choreographers, sculptors-are those who create works of art that the majority of people can comprehend.

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