In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficient, the most merciful

Solved Examples (Antonyms)

Directions: Each question below consists of a word followed by a few words/phrases. Choose the word/phrase that is most opposite in meaning to the word.


    1. secede
    2. succeed
    3. impede
    4. lead
    5. recede
    (E. recede) Proceed means move forward, go ahead as planned. Choice E recede means to move backward. Choice A secede means to withdraw or quit. Choice C impede means to slow down.

    1. grounded
    2. raised
    3. excited
    4. subterranean
    5. moody
    (D. subterranean) Elevated means above the ground. Choice A grounded means connected to the earth. Choice D subterranean means beneath the surface.

    1. lucid
    2. ministerial
    3. wise
    4. graceful
    5. inarticulate
    (E. inarticulate) Eloquent means articulate. Choice A lucid means clear. Choice B ministerial pertains to a minister. Choice E inarticulate means not eloquent.

    1. skim
    2. devour
    3. elaborate
    4. comprehend
    5. question
    (A. skim) Scrutinize means to examine something thoroughly and carefully. Choice A skim means to glance at or read quickly. Choice B devour means to hungrily or greedily consume.

    1. ailing
    2. hospitalized
    3. robust
    4. recovering
    5. firm
    (C. robust) Infirm means weak, especially from illness or old age. Choice C robust means very healthy.

    1. verbose
    2. irrelevant
    3. prosaic
    4. excessive
    5. insufficient
    (E. insufficient) Redundant means superfluous, extra, unneeded. Choice A verbose means using too many words. Choice C prosaic means dull or ordinary. Choice E insufficient means not enough.

    1. elastic
    2. resinous
    3. resolute
    4. inflexible
    5. malleable
    (D. inflexible) Resilient means elastic, easily regaining its original shape. Choice B resinous means composed of resins (particular kinds of particles). Choice C resolute means determined. Choice D inflexible means stiff or rigid. Choice E malleable means moldable or flexible.
  8. INANE

    1. foolish
    2. serious
    3. mature
    4. nameless
    5. contrary
    (B. serious) Inane means silly or empty. Choice B serious means important or solemn.

    1. assurance
    2. acquaintance
    3. enemy
    4. confession
    5. ally
    (C. enemy) Confidant means a friend, a person you can confide in. Choice C enemy is the opposite of friend.

    1. relaxed
    2. restrained
    3. underutilized
    4. flawed
    5. underestimated
    (A. relaxed) Overwrought means overcome by nervous agitation or being overexcited. Choice A relaxed means an absence of tension or tightness.

    1. gallant
    2. discourteous
    3. civilized
    4. armored
    5. vainglorious
    (B. discourteous) Chivalrous means positive or high-minded. Choice A gallant means brave or courageous. Choice B discourteous means not courteous. Choice E vainglorious means marked by excessive pride and vanity.

    1. calm
    2. reason
    3. whisper
    4. intensify
    5. lead
    (D. intensify) Moderate means to make less intense. Choice D intensify means to make more intense.

    1. love
    2. aversion
    3. disaffection
    4. purity
    5. effect
    (B. aversion) Affection means love or liking. Choice B aversion means strong dislike. Choice C disaffection means alienation or resentment. Choice D purity means cleanness, freedom from physical or moral pollution.

    1. mandate
    2. intoxicant
    3. life
    4. euthanasia
    5. gloom
    (E. gloom) Euphoria means a feeling of well-being or elation. Choice A mandate means an order or command. Choice B intoxicant means a mind-altering substance. Choice D euthanasia means mercy killing. Choice E gloom means sadness or depression.

    1. dissimilar
    2. similar
    3. disconcerted
    4. contrite
    5. desperate
    (B. similar) Disparate means different. Choice A dissimilar means different. Choice B similar means the same or nearly the same. Choice C disconcerted means bewildered or confused. Choice D contrite means repentant.

    1. eager for praise
    2. criminal
    3. with a good reputation
    4. heinous
    5. appearing often
    (C. with a good reputation) Infamous means having a bad reputation. The adjective heinous, choice D, means evil, abominable.

    1. dispassionate
    2. obligatory
    3. voluntary
    4. inveterate
    5. disconsolate
    (C. voluntary) Mandatory means obligatory, ordered. Choice A dispassionate means impartial. Choice D inveterate means deep-seated. Choice E disconsolate means cheerless, unhappy.
  18. DOWDY

    1. slovenly
    2. out of date
    3. stylish
    4. above average
    5. seasonal
    (C. stylish) Dowdy means drab or out of date. Choice A slovenly means untidy.

    1. compassion
    2. lack of feeling for others
    3. lack of religious certainty
    4. lack of credit
    5. recalcitrance
    (B. lack of feeling for others) Empathy means feeling for others, sympathy. Choice E recalcitrance means disobedience, noncompliance.

    1. fetters
    2. repose
    3. smear
    4. illumination
    5. remainder
    (B. repose) The noun travail means toil, hard labor; its opposite here is repose, which means to rest.
  21. BOMB

    1. inception
    2. task
    3. divot
    4. storm
    5. hit
    (E. hit) A bomb is American theater terminology for a failure, the opposite of hit.

    1. racist
    2. gourmet
    3. crass
    4. popular
    5. segregated
    (C. crass) Discriminating means being able to make fine distinctions. Choice C crass means gross, being unable to make fine distinctions.
  23. IRONIC

    1. literary
    2. figurative
    3. analogous
    4. mysterious
    5. literal
    (E. literal) Ironic means using words to express the opposite of their literal meaning. Choice B figurative means metaphoric, a kind of literary comparison. Choice C analogous means a resemblance between two things that are otherwise unlike. Choice E literal means exact or verbatim.

    1. extravagant
    2. antinatural
    3. immodest
    4. sparse
    5. refutable
    (D. sparse) Profuse means lavish, lush, or abundant. Choice A extravagant means going beyond what is reasonable. Choice B antinatural means against nature. Choice C immodest means lacking in modesty or indecent. Choice D sparse means not thickly grown. Choice E refutable means able to be proved wrong.

    1. iridescent
    2. cooperative
    3. irregular
    4. commensurate
    5. devilish
    (B. cooperative) Irascible means quarrelsome or hot-tempered. Choice A iridescent means giving off a rainbow glow. Choice B cooperative means agreeable or easygoing. Choice D commensurate means proportionate. Choice E devilish means evil or sinister.

    1. pliable
    2. facetious
    3. evident
    4. intangible
    5. careful
    (D. intangible) Palpable means easily perceived, obvious, tangible. Choice A pliable means flexible, easily influenced. Choice B facetious means intending to be funny. Choice D intangible means not tangible.

    1. articulate
    2. speculate
    3. divorce
    4. impart
    5. graduate
    (E. graduate) Matriculate means to sign up, to register for or join, especially for college. Choice A articulate means to express ideas clearly. Choice B speculate means to form opinions without definite knowledge. Choice E graduate means to be awarded a diploma for a course of study or to conclude school successfully.
  28. NADIR

    1. ebb tide
    2. positron
    3. mean
    4. median
    5. zenith
    (E. zenith) Nadir is the bottom, the lowest point. Choice A ebb tide means a period or state of decline. Choice B positron means an electrically charged particle. Choice C mean means the average. Choice D median means the middle point. Choice E zenith means topmost or highest point.

    1. depth
    2. shallowness
    3. profanity
    4. perfidy
    5. complexity
    (B. shallowness) Profundity means having great depth of understanding or importance. Choice B shallowness means not deep, or an incapability of having deep feelings. Choice C profanity means coarse or irreverent speech. Choice D perfidy means treachery.

    1. intercept
    2. disrupt
    3. supersede
    4. intervene
    5. question
    (B. disrupt) Intercede means to mediate, to help two sides reach an agreement. Choice A intercept means to take something away. Choice B disrupt means to push apart. Choice C supersede means to replace or overrule. Choice D intervene means to intercede.

    1. explicit
    2. cryptic
    3. implicit
    4. syntactic
    5. impolitic
    (A. explicit) Enigmatic means puzzling, unclear, obscure. Explicit means clear and direct. Cryptic means puzzling. Implicit means indirect. Syntactic means having to do with sentence structure. Impolitic means unwise.
  32. EXHUME

    1. expel
    2. exit
    3. infer
    4. refer
    5. inter
    (E. inter) Exhume means to remove from the grave. Expel means to force out, eject. Exit means to depart. Infer means to conclude or deduce. Refer means to relate. Inter means to bury a dead body.
  33. NOVEL

    1. fictional
    2. poetic
    3. ordinary
    4. narrative
    5. peerless
    (C. ordinary) Novel means new or unique. Fictional means made up or fabricated. Poetic means elegant or musical. Ordinary means common or everyday. Narrative means related to a story. Peerless means unique.

    1. obvious
    2. plane
    3. fit
    4. cryptic
    5. cabalistic
    (A. obvious) Recondite means mystical or profound. Obvious means apparent. Plane means flat. Fit means trim. Ambiguous means cryptic. Cabalistic means abstruse or incomprehensible.

    1. customary
    2. naturalistic
    3. adventitious
    4. unnatural
    5. pernicious
    (A. customary) Preternatural means extraordinary. Customary means normal or regular. Naturalistic means based on natural desires or events. Adventitious means fortuitous. Unnatural means artificial or abnormal. Pernicious means harmful or wicked.
  36. ORNERY

    1. with many faults
    2. odorless
    3. agreeable in disposition
    4. fetid
    5. highly decorated
    (C. agreeable in disposition) Ornery means disagreeable, mean, crotchety. The adjective fetid, choice D, means noisome, stinking.

    1. harshly astringent
    2. axiomatic
    3. quietly reclusive
    4. parched
    5. highly spiced
    (D. parched) Succulent means full of juice, juicy. Choice D parched means dried out. Choice B axiomatic means self-evident.

    1. sequel
    2. pointer
    3. tyro
    4. claimant
    5. afterthought
    (A. sequel) A precursor is a thing or person that precedes, but a sequel, choice A, is something that comes after. A tyro, choice C, is a novice or beginner. A claimant, choice D, is one who makes a claim.

    1. astronomical
    2. distinct
    3. eccentric
    4. hopeful
    5. moribund
    (B. distinct) Nebulous means vague or hazy. Choice B distinct means clear, single, particular, or discrete. The adjective moribund, choice E, means dying.

    1. selfish
    2. below sea level
    3. interdisciplinary
    4. nonalcoholic
    5. self-reliant
    (A. selfish) Altruistic means benevolent, generous, or unselfishly concerned for others. Choice A is the best opposite.

    1. thoughtlessly
    2. carelessly
    3. coherently
    4. openly expressed
    5. mildly amused
    (D. openly expressed) Tacitly means silently, without being openly expressed.

    1. inconsequential
    2. nonnative
    3. extraterrestrial
    4. affluent
    5. compliant
    (D. affluent) Indigent means needy, poor. Choice D affluent means rich, wealthy, or prosperous. Choice E compliant means obliging.
  43. FERVOR

    1. an unfortified place
    2. patriotism
    3. drollery
    4. merrymaking
    5. nonchalance
    (E. nonchalance) Fervor means zeal or warmth of feeling, and choice E nonchalance is cool indifference. Choice C drollery is something amusing.

    1. fetch
    2. glut
    3. hone
    4. idle
    5. veil
    (E. veil) The verb trumpet means to announce loudly, to proclaim. The opposite is veil, which means to cover or conceal.

    1. intermittent
    2. parietal
    3. bland
    4. resonant
    5. sublime
    (C. bland) The adjective fervent means ardent, intensely felt, the opposite of bland, which means dull or tasteless. Choice A intermittent means periodic or recurrent. Choice B parietal means pertaining to a wall. Choice D resonant means resounding or vibrant. Choice E sublime means elevated, outstanding, or lofty.

    1. controlled by hand
    2. making fast
    3. imposing
    4. freewheeling
    5. obtuse
    (D. freewheeling) The adjective puritanic means excessively strict in morals. The most nearly opposite choice here is choice D freewheeling. Choice E obtuse means dull-witted, dense, or ignorant.

    1. eager
    2. deprived
    3. indulgent
    4. free
    5. anxious
    (C. indulgent) Captious means quick to find fault, carping. The opposite is indulgent.

    1. probation
    2. guilt
    3. disapproval
    4. disavowal
    5. disaffected
    (C. disapproval) Approbation means approval. Choice A probation is a period of time for examination or evaluation. Choice C disapproval means objection, and is the opposite of approbation. Choice D disavowal means a denial of responsibility. Choice E disaffection means discontent.

    1. skeptical
    2. orthodox
    3. unorthodox
    4. ethereal
    5. insincere
    (B. orthodox) Heretical means challenging conventional beliefs. Choice A skeptical means inclined not to believe. Choice B orthodox means to accept conventional beliefs. Choice C unorthodox means unconventional. Choice D ethereal means light and delicate or heavenly. Choice E insincere means hypocritical, not sincere.

    1. flowery
    2. direct
    3. amazing
    4. dark
    5. towering
    (B. direct) Labyrinthine means mazelike. The best opposite is direct, which means straightforward.

    1. liberal
    2. dishonorable
    3. honorable
    4. conservative
    5. leathery
    (A. liberal) Hidebound means narrow-minded. Choice A liberal means openminded.

    1. imbibition
    2. proviso
    3. fracas
    4. clarification
    5. settlement
    (E. settlement) Imbroglio means a noisy fight or a dispute. Choice E settlement is the best opposite. Choice A imbibition means to absorb ideas into the mind. Choice B proviso means something insisted on as part of an agreement, with each side giving up some of its demands. Choice C fracas is also a noisy dispute or brawl.

    1. obsequious
    2. cantankerous
    3. rare
    4. intermittent
    5. omnivorous
    (C. rare) Ubiquitous means omnipresent, everywhere. Choice A obsequious means excessively or sickeningly respectful. Choice B cantankerous means bad-tempered. Choice C rare means seldom found or occurring. Choice D intermittent means occurring at intervals, not continuous. Choice E omnivorous means feeding on both plants and animal flesh.
  54. PALLID

    1. resplendent
    2. lackluster
    3. enervated
    4. impaled
    5. impervious
    (A. resplendent) Pallid means drab or colorless. Choice A resplendent means bright or brilliant. Choice B lackluster means drab or colorless. Choice C enervated means frail or feeble. Choice D impaled means pierced. Choice E impervious means impenetrable.

    1. self-indulgent
    2. on the dole
    3. self-sacrificing
    4. off the mark
    5. self-satisfied
    (A. self-indulgent) Abstemious means self-denying, temperate.

    1. incarcerate
    2. eat heartily
    3. dance wildly
    4. keep watch
    5. publicize
    (E. publicize) As a verb, hugger-mugger means to hush up. Choice E publicize means to announce, promote, or advertise. To incarcerate, choice A, is to imprison.

    1. to lose weight
    2. to estimate
    3. to accept meekly
    4. to cherish fondly
    5. to retreat
    (C. to accept meekly) To inveigh is to protest strongly, to rail against. The opposite is choice C to accept meekly.
  58. LOUCHE

    1. inflexible
    2. manifest
    3. reputable
    4. wolflike
    5. gloomy
    (C. reputable) Louche means shady, disreputable. Choice B manifest means evident. Choice C reputable means having a good reputation.
  59. KUDOS

    1. reward
    2. regrets
    3. obloquy
    4. freedom
    5. glorification
    (C. obloquy) Kudos is a singular noun meaning glory, fame, or prestige. The opposite of kudos is obloquy, which means disgrace, discredit, or dishonor.

    1. acrid
    2. piquant
    3. harmonious
    4. untenable
    5. insipid
    (E. insipid) Pungent means sharply affecting the organs of taste, or a strong sour or bitter taste. Choice E insipid means tasteless. Choices A and B are synonyms of pungent. Choice D untenable means implausible or unreasonable.

    1. Sick
    2. Healthy
    3. Unrealizable
    4. Selective
    5. Chemicals
    (B. Healthy) Pathological here refers to a negative characteristic, the correct choice is positive, Healthy.
  62. DETACH

    1. Separate
    2. Pack
    3. Bottom line
    4. Scratch
    5. Ambulatory
    (B. Pack) Detach means to separate or unfasten. The best opposite is choice Pack.

    1. Arrhythmic
    2. Resonating
    3. Harmonized
    4. Bough
    5. Chronological
    (A. Arrhythmic) Synchronized means occuring at the same time or occurring together. The best opposite would be Arrhythmic.

    1. Immersive
    2. Orderly
    3. Hectic
    4. Nervous
    5. Embarrasing
    (B. Orderly) Chaotic is a negative word that means in a state of complete confusion or disorder. Orderly is the positive word that is the best opposite.

    1. Creative
    2. Selfish
    3. Artistic
    4. Polite
    5. Overbearing
    (D. Polite) Bombastic is a very strong word that means boastful. Notice that it simply sounds like a strong word. The best opposite here is Polite.

    1. Barren
    2. Funnel
    3. Censored
    4. Deaf
    5. Notable
    (D. Deaf) Garrulous means talking too much. Only Deaf; who cannot speak is the right answer.

    1. Suspended
    2. Moody
    3. Subterranean
    4. Grounded
    5. Excited
    (C. Subterranean) Elevated means above the ground. "Grounded" means connected to the earth. "Subterranean" means beneath the surface.

    1. Insufficient
    2. Expanded
    3. Profound
    4. Numerous
    5. Verbose
    (A. Insufficient) Redundant means superfluous, extra, unneeded. But insufficient means not enough.