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GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

The Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®) is one of the standardized exams used in admission decisions. This exam is

  • used by more than ~7,000 graduate management programs worldwide,
  • at ~2,300 graduate business schools worldwide.

This exams helps student's gauge, and demonstrate to schools, student's academic potential for success in graduate-level management studies.

The GMAT exam measures higher-order analytical skills comprising of several reasoning types. The Analytical Writing Assessment asks to analyze the reasoning behind an argument and respond in writing; the Integrated Reasoning asks to interpret and synthesize information from multiple sources and in different formats to make reasoned conclusions; the Qyantitative section asks to reason quantitatively using basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry; and the Verbal section asks to read and comprehend written material and to reason and evaluate arguments.

The test consists of following types of questions:

Format of GMAT exam

Test Section No. of Questions Time Limit
Analytical Writing Assessment Analysis of an Argument 1 30 min
Integrated Reasoning Multi-Source Reasoning 12 30 min
Table Analysis
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Part Analysis
Qantitative Reasoning
Online Test Practice
Problem Solving 31 62 min
Data Sufficiency
Verbal Reasoning
Online Test Practice
Reading Comprehension
Online Test Practice
36 65 min
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction

Order for the section of the GMAT exam

There is a flexibility to select the order for the section of the GMAT exam from following three options.

Order #1 Order #2 Order #3
Analytical Writing Assessment Verbal Quantitative
Integrated Reasoning
Optional 8-minute break
Quantitative Quantitative Verbal
Optional 8-minute break
Verbal Integrated Reasoning Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing Assessment Analytical Writing Assessment

The section order selection will take place at the test center on exam date, immediately prior to the start of the GMAT exam.