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MCQs (MicroSoft Outlook)

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. What does the Clean Up button do?

    1. it removes inappropriate language from your email
    2. it hides all unnecessary formatting from your email
    3. it removes redundant email from conversations or folders
    4. all of the given
  2. How can you tell the email that you have read from the email that you have not read?

    1. The unread mail will be on top
    2. The unread mail will be on bottom
    3. The unread mail will be bold
    4. The unread mail will be blue
  3. You can set your work week to be:

    1. Monday to Friday
    2. any set of 5 consecutive days
    3. any set of 1-6 consecutive days
    4. any set of consecutive or non-consecutive days
  4. There are three Outlook commands you personally use or toggle all day long: Work Offline, High Priority, and Center Text. How can you keep these three commands visible at all times?

    1. color code the three command buttons
    2. add the three commands to Favorites
    3. add the three commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
    4. none of the given
  5. Your manager just sent you a detailed list of deliverables that she wants you to review and then discuss in person. What is the most efficient way to do this?

    1. reply to the email and then create a new appointment and copy in the deliverables
    2. click the Reply with Meeting button
    3. click the Reply with IM button
    4. right-click the mail and click Follow Up
  6. You want to customize your Office Ribbon for the unique way that you work. Which of the following customizations can you make to the Office Ribbon. Click all that apply.

    1. change all the commands on a tab
    2. create a new custom tab
    3. create a custom group
    4. all of the given.
  7. Your boss sent you an important account code by mail two months ago. Unfortunately, you haven't been sorting or deleting your mail and there are currently over 41,000 mails in your Inbox. You need that account code now. What is the quickest way to find it?

    1. Look through the "Important mail from my boss" folder
    2. Sort by "From" and then look at all of the mail from your boss
    3. Search on key words related to the account code and your boss's name
    4. Sort by date and then look through mail from two months ago
  8. Because Outlook uses Word as its text editor, which of the following feature is NOT identical to Word.

    1. the spelling and grammar checker
    2. the ability to add SmartArt and WordArt
    3. the ability to look at people's schedules
    4. the ability to insert and format tables
  9. Which tool would you use to view the calendars of your entire team at the same time?

    1. Daily task list
    2. Share calendar
    3. Scheduling assistant
    4. Open calendar

  10. You are working on a new email but need to leave for the day. When you close the email, you see the message above. When you come back tomorrow, in which folder will you find the mail?

    1. Inbox
    2. Conversation History
    3. Drafts
    4. Junk Email
  11. Outlook has many tools that can do many thing. Which one of the following tasks is Outlook NOT designed to do?

    1. send out a newsletter
    2. balance your checkbook
    3. arrange an online meeting
    4. keep track of your contacts
  12. The CEO of your company just sent mail to all 10,000 of your fellow employees. You want to reply to her and say, "Thanks!". Which button should you click?

    1. Reply
    2. Reply All
    3. Reply with Meeting
    4. Forward
  13. MailTips can provide you with the following pieces of information, except for:

    1. a warning that you are about to write a large number of people
    2. a warning that your mail is too large to send
    3. a warning that your mail contains misspellings
    4. a warning that the recipient’s mailbox is full
  14. There are 10 people on your team and you write them frequently. What is the easiest way to write all 10 teammates without having to type their names into each email message?

    1. create a Category for your team
    2. create a Group for your team
    3. create a Rule for your team
    4. none of the given
  15. Your Inbox contains over 2000 emails. Many of them are from your boss and many of them contain attachments. What is the fastest way to find the one huge video file that your boss sent you months ago?

    1. search on the word "video"
    2. click All, Arrange By, From, and look for your boss's name
    3. click All, Arrange By, Attachements, and look through the email with attachments
    4. click All, Arrange By, Size, and look at the largest emails

  16. You are travelling across the country for a one-day business trip. You have a busy itinerary and you have several Tasks to complete before your return. You also want to keep an eye on important meetings for the rest of the week. Before leaving, you print up your Calendar. Which of the following formats makes the most sense for this trip?

    1. Daily Style
    2. Weekly Agenda Style
    3. Weekly Calendar Style
    4. Tri-Fold Style
  17. You have 48 different folders for various projects but you only use three on a regular basis. How can you keep those folders visible and easily accessible?

    1. color code the three folders
    2. add the three folders to your Favorites
    3. name the three folders with CAPITOL letters
    4. none of the given