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Business and Technical English Writing (ENG201)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Objective Questions

  1. True courtesy involves being aware not only of the perspectives of others, but also their_________.

    1. mood
    2. emotion
    3. feelings
    4. tone
  2. Which of the following can be defined as follows? “It is not merely politeness with mechanical insertion of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, rather it is politeness that grows out of respect and concern for others.”

    1. Clarity
    2. Courtesy
    3. Consideration
    4. Credibility
  3. Choose the correct option from the following: The seven C’s apply to __________.

    1. Both written and oral communications
    2. Only oral communication
    3. Only written communication
    4. None of above
  4. ________ can be achieved if the document is theoretically accurate and represents the subject very well.

    1. Document Accuracy
    2. Stylistic Accuracy
    3. Technical Accuracy
    4. Structural clarity
  5. ________ carry out the decisions that have been made.

    1. Implementers
    2. Decision makers
    3. Advisors
    4. All of above
  6. An effective oral presentation is carefully planned with your objectives in mind and pays close attention to the __________.

    1. Demands of your audience
    2. Reader questions
    3. Professional objectives
    4. None of above
  7. In writing commercial correspondence, it is important to employ a friendly yet efficient _________.

    1. emotion
    2. mood
    3. tone
    4. feeling
  8. Which of the following characteristic is essential while defining communication?

    1. Receiving
    2. Interpreting
    3. Sharing
    4. Sending
  9. What is the best use of visuals in a report or proposal?

    1. Visuals should be used only when you can't use text to communicate your point.
    2. Visuals should be used when text doesn't tell the whole story.
    3. Visuals should be used liberally since "One visual is worth 1000 words."
    4. None of the given
  10. A suggestion or intention, especially one put forward formally or officially denotes __________.

    1. Conclusion
    2. Recommendation
    3. Resources
    4. Proposals
  11. The reader of a/an ________ may use this report to solve an organizational, social or a personal problem.

    1. business report
    2. technical report
    3. general report
    4. academic report
  12. Citing your sources in the body of your report helps build credibility for the report.

    1. True
    2. False
  13. Under what type of circumstances,the letter format for a report can be the best choice?

    1. For short reports (five or fewer pages) that are directed to outsiders.
    2. When you want to impress your readers with the breadth of your knowledge
    3. For any report that is distributed to more than one person.
    4. With lengthy reports (over five pages) that are directed to outsiders.
  14. A question mark is used in parenthesis to express ______.

    1. Anger
    2. Amazement
    3. Doubt
    4. None of the given
  15. Which of the following questions is not addressed by criteria?

    1. Will the course of action really do what’s wanted?
    2. Can we implement it?
    3. Can we afford it?
    4. Are your facts reliable?
  16. Which of the following is the first step involved in planning a sales letter?

    1. Defining the audience
    2. Determining the main idea
    3. Choosing the approach and format
    4. Preparing an outline
  17. Reports are considered to be ______ in the workplace and, thus, they need to be precise, accurate and difficult to misinterpret

    1. public documents
    2. private documents
    3. legal documents
    4. secret documents
  18. Choose the correct option from the following: How many elements do the superstructure for feasibility reports have?

    1. Five elements
    2. Six elements
    3. Seven elements
    4. Eight elements
  19. It’s important to realize that some people rejected for a job and credit, interpret rejection as a personal failure and usually __________ people’s lives.

    1. criticize
    2. facilitate
    3. harmonize
    4. complicate
  20. The heart of a feasibility study is your evaluation of the alternatives in terms of your _______.

    1. biases
    2. criteria
    3. reader's views
    4. None of the given
  21. The most important parts of a progress report are:

    1. Introduction and facts
    2. Facts and discussion
    3. Findings and problems
    4. Conclusions and recommendations
  22. Which one of the following belongs to the supplementary part of a report?

    1. Letter of transmittal
    2. List of illustrations
    3. Index
    4. Letter of authorization
  23. A progress report reassures managers that a project is moving _________.

    1. towards completion
    2. steadily
    3. slovenly
    4. towards development
  24. The conventional superstructure for writing progress reports consists of introduction, facts, discussion, conclusions and_______.

    1. figures
    2. appendix
    3. recommendations
    4. organizations
  25. Choose the correct option from the following: What are the two ways by which the results of an empirical research can be presented?

    1. Tables and Graphs
    2. Facts and figures
    3. Statistics and numbers
    4. Data and figures
  26. An essential element of every report is a/an _________ in which you interpret your facts in a way that is significant to your readers.

    1. Discussion
    2. Analysis
    3. Evaluation
    4. Review
  27. Which of the following does a proposal not attempt to communicate?

    1. Importance of the intended study
    2. Purpose of the intended study
    3. Step-by-step plan for conducting the study
    4. Results of the study, along with a discussion about them
  28. We’ve been friends for a long time. I _________ her since we were children.

    1. Am knowing
    2. Have known
    3. Know
    4. Will know
  29. Which of the following aspects represent the function of report?

    1. Problem, purpose, background
    2. Limitations, sources, scope
    3. Methods, authorization
    4. All of the above
  30. While writing long reports the list of symbols is _________.

    1. beneficial
    2. optional
    3. compulsory
    4. harmful
  31. Which one of the following phrases are likely to offend and should be avoided?

    1. We allow, we must reject
    2. I prefer, we must deny
    3. I must refuse, we must deny
    4. We welcome, I must refuse
  32. Which of the following supplementary parts includes the list of topics, their divisions and subdivisions with their location in the report?

    1. Appendix
    2. Glossary
    3. Bibliography
    4. Index
  33. The _________ of the report sells the report.

    1. style
    2. size
    3. shape
    4. none of above
  34. Which one of the following is an example of a progress report?

    1. Bid to write training manuals for a health care corporation
    2. Presentation of the policies and procedures required by a health care corporation
    3. Report on research done to ascertain whether online multimedia training for health care professionals is a viable option
    4. Summary of the end-of-year-one, status of a two-year project to develop, multimedia-based training modules for healthcare professionals
  35. Which types of reports are used to assess opportunities, to solve problems, and to support decisions?

    1. Information Reports
    2. Progress Reports
    3. Analytical Reports
    4. Feasibility Reports
  36. Which of the following is the best way to collect primary data?

    1. Observations
    2. Analysis
    3. Documents
    4. Surveys
  37. To communicate effectively, one should develop not only skills, but also a __________ with others.

    1. Sense of empathy
    2. Sense of humor
    3. Sense of understanding
    4. All of the given
  38. For what type of audience the direct approach is suitable?

    1. For the uninterested audience
    2. For the displeased audience
    3. For the unwilling audience
    4. For the neutral audience
  39. Which of the three components is part of the human communication process?

    1. Feedback, message, critiquing
    2. Message, recording, feedback
    3. Message, noise, feedback
    4. Noise, feedback, jargon
  40. Which one of the following makes use of denotative words instead of connotative words?

    1. Clarity
    2. Conciseness
    3. Concreteness
    4. Courtesy
  41. Courtesy means not only thinking about receiver but also valuing his __________.

    1. Feelings
    2. Proposal
    3. Goodwill
    4. All of the given
  42. They arrived in the middle of the night __________.

    1. because their flight was detained
    2. because their flight was dispatched
    3. because their flight was delayed
    4. because their flight was defused
  43. __________ carry out the decisions that have been made.

    1. Implementers
    2. Decision makers
    3. Advisors
    4. All of the given
  44. They should have arrived by now. I wonder ___________.

    1. what has kept them
    2. what has held them
    3. what has got them
    4. what has done them
  45. Feedback can come in the form of _________.

    1. Environmental noise
    2. Nonverbal communication only
    3. Verbal and nonverbal listener responses
    4. Verbal communication only
  46. In your job interview, don't complain about previous jobs or former __________.

    1. Mayors
    2. Visitors
    3. Activists
    4. Employers
  47. Choose the correct option from the following. ____________is brief, informal report used to establish a record.

    1. Memorandum
    2. Report
    3. Agenda
    4. Proposals
  48. Choose the correct option from the following. ____________ is written to offer brief description of the cause of dissatisfaction and prepare the necessary action.

    1. Adjustment Letter
    2. Acceptance Letters
    3. Job application Letters
    4. Transmittal Letters
  49. While composing the business message, the main idea should be supported by __________ major points.

    1. four to five
    2. five to six
    3. three to five
    4. two to five
  50. What is wrong with the following sentence: Since the beginning of this term.

    1. A comma is missing
    2. Beginning is spelled incorrectly
    3. It is an incomplete sentence
    4. Since should be changed to "at"
  51. The____________ is best implemented by expressing your message in terms of the audience’s interests and needs.

    1. you attitude
    2. we-attitude
    3. I -attitude
    4. None of the given
  52. Which of the following is the primary vehicle for communication within an organization?

    1. Letter
    2. Report
    3. Memorandum
    4. Proposal
  53. Which of the following complimentary close is accurate in general letter writing?

    1. Yours sincerely,
    2. Sincerely,
    3. Yours respectfully,
    4. All of the given
  54. Which of the following is the most important part of indirect plan?

    1. Acknowledgements
    2. Buffer
    3. Positive Close
    4. Reasons
  55. Which of the following is a method to communicate bad news to the customer?

    1. De-emphasizing the Bad News
    2. Avoid overemphasizing the positive
    3. Avoid blunt statements likely to offend
    4. All of the given
  56. Choose the correct option. All employees are requested to ____________ from smoking in the presence of customers.

    1. Restrict
    2. Refrain
    3. Restrain
    4. Stop
  57. Choose the correct option from the following. _____________ are like good mail order forms, although they also provide more room for explaining special needs.

    1. Order Letters
    2. Transmittal Letters
    3. Acceptance Letters
    4. Complaint Letter
  58. Choose the correct option from the following. ________ helps to focus a meeting on a core of topics and allows you to control the pace and flow of a meeting and identify important items to be acted upon.

    1. Minutes
    2. Agenda
    3. Memorandum
    4. Proposals
  59. Which words in this sentence should have capital letters? "captain meyers sailed his ship across the pacific ocean last spring."

    1. captain, meyers, pacific, spring
    2. captain, meyers, ship, pacific, ocean
    3. captain, meyers, pacific, ocean, spring
    4. captain, meyers, pacific, ocean
  60. Why information in a message should be well organised?

    1. It helps motivate the audience to accept your message
    2. It helps to get your ideas across without upsetting the audience
    3. People will understand exactly what you mean
    4. All of the given
  61. A good business letter is simple and straightforward without being harsh or _____________.

    1. patronizing
    2. patriotic
    3. paternal
    4. panoramic
  62. Requests for information and action have ______________ types.

    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. Five
  63. Choose the correct option from the following. A letter of recommendation is a letter that makes a statement of support for a candidate. __________are an essential component of almost all admissions, grant, and employment processes.

    1. Purpose
    2. Instruction
    3. Reference
    4. Guidelines
  64. Sarah washed the apples _________them in the fridge.

    1. , and put
    2. ; and put
    3. , she put
    4. and put
  65. ___________ is a very vital step in composing a business message, and if one commits an error in this stage, it will be irreversible.

    1. Drafting
    2. Communication
    3. Planning
    4. Concluding
  66. The letter begins with the _________ new all necessary details are provided in the middle part. In closing the letter refers to the main point and states the desired action.

    1. good
    2. bad
    3. sad
    4. None of the given
  67. In composing a business letter, the most important skill is ___________.

    1. writing
    2. the art of delivering
    3. communication
    4. writer’s own knowledge
  68. What is the most important implicit goal of a business document?

    1. To give instructions
    2. To argue with reader
    3. To establish a relationship
    4. To provide information
  69. __________ are challenging to write because we know our readers will not be happy to receive the news.

    1. Persuasive letters
    2. Claim letters
    3. Bad news messages
    4. Complain Letters
  70. Which of the following should be kept in mind to achieve Completeness?

    1. Provide all necessary information
    2. Use accurate grammar
    3. Avoid unnecessary details
    4. Use 'You attitude'
  71. Letters that provide favorable responses to routine claims are known as ___________.

    1. Claim letters
    2. Credit letters
    3. Customer letters
    4. Adjustment letters
  72. Which of the following letters should accurately restate the key terms of employment?

    1. Job application letters
    2. Acceptance letters
    3. Transmittal letters
    4. Inquiry letters
  73. Feedback is a ___________.

    1. verbal or non-verbal response
    2. non-verbal message
    3. verbal critique
    4. None of the given
  74. __________ is like an abstract in a report, briefly telling about the product or service and how it meets the requirements and exceeds expectations.

    1. Market Analysis
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Market Plan
    4. Financial Plan
  75. If you were writing a brief progress report to a client (for example, you are an independent consultant doing a project for another firm), which one of the following formats would you use?

    1. Business letter
    2. Memorandum
    3. Cover memorandum with the progress report as a separate, attached document
    4. None of the given
  76. To show the relative proportions of a whole, you would use a ____________.

    1. bar graph.
    2. line graph.
    3. diagram.
    4. pie chart.
  77. A schedule chart identifies the major steps ____________.

    1. in a business report and tells it’s prospective.
    2. in a project and tells when they will be performed.
    3. taken by peers in a business house last year.
    4. in the process of personality grooming activity by an individual.
  78. Titles typically include both _____________.

    1. a word and a phrase.
    2. a number and a description.
    3. a picture and a diagram
    4. numbers and digits
  79. How will you arrange facts in your report while researching on a location?

    1. Sequentially
    2. Chronologically
    3. Spatially
    4. Geographically
  80. Choose the correct option from the following: In report writing the conclusions grow out of interpretations of the facts and recommendations grow out of ___________.

    1. Facts
    2. Recommendations
    3. Interpretations
    4. Conclusions
  81. There are two sandwiches here; which one shall I take? ‘oh, take __________

    1. Both
    2. Neither
    3. Neither of
    4. Either
  82. Which of the following are usually addressed to decision-makers?

    1. Discussions
    2. Conclusions
    3. Recommendations
    4. Executive summaries