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Struggle indicates the continuity but without some innovation, it is not entertaining.
Exploration and inventions with adventures amused us.

Quraan Statistics

Complete and authentic tabulated information of the parts, surahs, verses, etc. of Quraan is presented.


Online Quizes

Further, a large number of questions of various subjects are added in the database.


IGCSE - Math (580)

Solved Question Paper # 11 from the exam held in November 2011.


IGCSE - Physics (625)

Solved Question Paper # 21 from the exam held in November 2011.



Pakistani newspapers and magazines in Urdu, English, Pashto, Sindhi, etc.



List of Pakistani universities recgonized by HEC.


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Genrica is the name of quality with the dedicated aim;
enter to learn, learn to serve and serve to succeed.

Holy Quraan

Recitation, Information,
How to read Quraan

Virtual University

Courses, Programs, Lectures, Handouts, Quizes, Papers, etc.

CIE Solutions

Cambridge International Exam's Questions/Answers

Islamic Books

Quraan, Hadith, Fiqah, Seerat, History and much more ...

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