Solved Examples (Sentence Completion)

Directions: Each sentence below has one or two blanks. Below the sentence are four words or set of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.


Fauzia presents herself as a bold journalist by asking people in politics the kinds of __________ questions that other reporters do not ask.

  1. controversial
  2. circumnutating
  3. abnormal
  4. irrelevant

(A). The sentence says that Fauzia earned a reputation for herself as a journalist by asking the questions that other reporters avoided. Its mean she asks probing questions about "controversial" issues.


Ozone in the Earth's atmosphere __________ living organisms from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

  1. protects
  2. warms
  3. reflects
  4. absorbs

(A). Ozone shields harmful ultaviolet radiation. Hence it protects living things on the earth.


So __________ was the sales person's tone about the qualities of the new computer system that Najam nearly missed the __________ in its calculations in his budget.

  1. Persuasive ... flaw
  2. adopted ... accuracy
  3. harsh ... amount
  4. irritating ... greatness

(A). The sales person's tone is always "persuasive" during sales talk for the first blank and something like "flaw" for the second. Choice A is the right answer.


Despite his illness, Inzamam was __________ in winning his team.

  1. disappointing
  2. useless
  3. vigorous
  4. instrumental

(D). "Despite" is the key word. It leads you to predict the importance of Inzamam. Hence, the right answer choice is D.


Salma's home looked as though it had been __________ from a rag bin; her expensive burner was her sole __________ of luxury.

  1. clean ... expensive
  2. computerized ... cost
  3. modernized ... symbol
  4. salvaged ... sign

(D). 'from a rag bin' gives the idea of "salvaged". Opposite to it is "sign" of luxury. Hence the right choice is D.