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Database Management Systems (CS403)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


Objective Questions


Which feature of database provides conversion from inconsistent state of DB to a consistent state ensuring minimum data loss?

  1. User accessible catalog
  2. Data processing
  3. Authorization service
  4. Recovery service

Answer: 4 Chapter No. 4 


Each course section is assigned a particular faculty member, and each course section corresponds to a particular course. Conceptually, what is the relationship between faculty and course (not course section).

  1. 1:1
  2. 1:M
  3. M:M
  4. Ternary

Answer: 3 Chapter No. 9 


Consider the given relations Student and Instructor as given below. Please note that Fname and Lname also denote the First Name and Last Name respectively.
Which of the following statements is correct with respect to the two relations given above?

  1. The two relations are not union-compatible since their attribute names differ.
  2. The two relations are union-compatible since they have the same type of tuples.
  3. The set operations such as CARTESIAN PRODUCT and DIVISION can be pplied on these two relations.
  4. To find out the students who are not instructors, it is necessary to perform the operation Student รท Instructor.

Answer: 2 Chapter No. 17